Education instrument

August 19 , 2021

Education instrument is for schools and educational units to provide teaching services or scientific research instruments, which is widely used in teaching and scientific research units. In teaching practice, teaching instruments can develop and excavate students’ intellectual level, cultivate the innovative spirit of independent thinking, establish their own scientific thinking methods, improve social cognitive ability and cultivate practical ability.

WINSEN supplies high quality sensors for world famous education instrument manufacturers. Whether you are holding a micro-pipette for the first time or defining the cutting edge of research, doing science requires high quality innovative solutions. From classrooms to the International Space Station, WINSEN is dedicated to the mission of making science accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Recommended Products

MH-Z16 CO2 sensor

MH-Z16 applies non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle. The basic principle is to make quantitative analysis by measuring the change of the selective absorption intensity of the infrared electromagnetic radiation of CO2. The sensor has built-in temperature compensation, providing UART, PWM output modes, with good selectivity and no oxygen dependence, long life, fast response time, resistance to water vapor interference, no poisoning and excellent stability, 0~100%VOL super range, easy to use. The gas chamber is gold-plated, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution and low power consumption.

MH-Z16 complies with RESET standard as well as WELL, LEED, FITWEL standards, which is widely used in education instrument, HVAC system, air quality monitoring equipment, CO2 detector, air purification equipment, smart home, agricultural production, animal husbandry and other fields.

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