RD-913FB5 Pyro-electric Flame sensor

For Fire Detection

Applications :

*Fire detection devices in oil storage stations, large warehouses, factory workshops, forests, and charging piles;
*High fire risk area configuration like petroleum, chemical, paper-making, forests, and garages.

Product Advantages:
  • *4.45um detection band;
  • *TO-5 package, single channel, voltage mode;
  • *Low microphone effect, large FOV, high detection rate;
  • *Detection band measurement of flame signal;
Product Description:

RD-913FB5 pyro-electric flame sensor uses lithium tantalate single crystal as the sensitive element material. The Curie temperature of lithium tantalate crystal material is above 600℃, the relative dielectric constant is small, and the specific detectivity is high.

In a wide range of room temperature, the pyroelectric coefficient of the material changes very little with temperature, and the temperature change rate of the output signal is only 1-2‰. The temperature stability of the sensor performance is very good, and the spectral response consistency is very good in the wavelength range of 1-20um.

Technical Parameters:
Item Typical Unit
Window Size 5.0*5.0 mm
Sensitive element size Φ2.5 mm
Filter center wavelength 4.45 um
Electrical time constant 5 s
Thermal time constant 200 ms
Source Voltage 0.4~0.7 v
Working Voltage 2~15 v
Recommended voltage 3~5 v
Output signal V0 (500K,10HZ,25℃) 3.6±10% v
Output noise voltage VN (10HZ, BW1HZ, 25℃) ≤150 mv
Voltage response rate (no window) Rv (500K, 10HZ, 25°C) ≥500 v/w
Specific detection rate (no window) D* (500K, 10HZ, BW1HZ, 25℃) ≥5×108 cmHz½/W
Field of view(FOV) >115 °
Detection distance 35~50 m
Working temperature -30~+75
Storage temperature -40~+80
Remarks: The magnification of the testing machine is 80dB.
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